Welcome to Tycho Station

What is Tycho Station? It's a good old fashioned BBS, just like your grandfather used to log on to.

What makes this different? Well, aside from the half-assed way it's put together, the (as of yet) lack of customization and whatnot? We've got internet email, so there's that. Other than that, there are games (soon to be more!) like: Tradewars 2002, Global War, LORD, LORDII, BRE and then some.

What else? Oh, did I forget to mention this is an Expanse themed BBS? Oh yes, it might not look like it, because it doesn't, yet but it will eventually...

Anyway, connect using a telnet client to bbs.tychostation.it (port 23) or use the handy-dandy web interface below to join in the fun, if you are nerdy enough (and once I remove the new user password) :-).